Don’t Sleep – (an ode to Miguel)

Hey everyone,


I know it’s been a couple months since my last post, but I’m back….YAY!!!!!

So I thought I would write a lighthearted post, since the last post was pretty sad.

If you all are wondering I am doing much better!

Ok enough about me (for now)



Recently there’s been a clip circulating around social media about a young Miguel auditioning to join the now defunct band Fatty Koo. Though he sounded amazing, the group members weren’t feeling him at all. Flash forward 13 years and Miguel is one of the most prominent voices in R&B.

Miguel has become one of my favorite vocalists, but it wasn’t always that way. I have to admit that I was not a Miguel fan when the world was first introduced to him as a solo artist. I did not get or understand his artistry when he released his debut album (All I Want Is You). His style didn’t draw me and I stopped paying attention after watching the music video for ‘Sure Thing’ cause I just didn’t get it.

That all changed after his second album (Kaleidoscope Dream) was released. From then on his performances, music and overall style slowly began to win me over. I actually went back to his first album and listened with new ears.

I was out of my mind lol

His music was amazing….I was tripping

Maybe I wasn’t musically mature enough to appreciate an artist like him…..or maybe I felt a way because one of my favorite artist was Prince (R.I.P.) and everyone was calling Miguel the “New Prince”.

Whatever it was…I can admit that I was wrong.

His last two albums (2015’s WildHeart & 2017’s War + Leisure) have in my opinion continued to show his growth as an artist.

I think my fandom peaked recently after seeing Miguel at Essence Fest this year. The musicality, stage presence, and the overall vibe he exuded proved to me that Miguel is definitely a force in the music industry.


So, what does this have to do with anything?


Well nothing really…I just like Miguel’s music lol


But there is a lesson to learn…..sometimes people don’t get or understand who you are at first. You may feel a need to change or compromise who you are, but don’t. The people who matter will come to appreciate the real you and what you have to offer. Also, everything will come together in the end so just be yourself.

Ok I’m done 🙂


(Photo Credit – Chinyere Nwogu)


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