My Year of Being Skinny (And My Journey Back To Health)


I’ve never been the proverbial skinny girl, granted I was pretty active as a teen whether dancing and stepping while in High School or playing Tennis in College. After undergrad and starting work in this sedentary office life, staying fit became a difficult task then I would have liked to admit. Still I set out to finally be the skinny girl….to go shopping and not feel like a walrus in a dress, so 2015 became my year of skinny.


I decided to make a drastic change by taking on a keto-based diet. Looking back, this diet was crazy strict…I’m even shocked I was able to do it for so long. My days consisted of drinking a protein shake in the morning with two yummy vitamin tablets, a dry salad and you guessed it…..a delicious protein shake for lunch and for dinner 8 oz of meat, more vitamins and 2 cups of selected veggies (which usually meant lots of Cauliflower or Broccoli for me lol). The diet allowed me to lose 60+ pounds.


During that period I thought I looked amazing on the outside. It’s funny cause…I finally got the things I thought I wanted

People were no longer commenting on my weight

I could fit into sizes I thought I could never

Everyone thought I looked amazing, but to be honest I felt terrible on the inside.

Things got so bad that when I finally transitioned out of the diet I gained a major carb sensitivity with a side of depression. I literally felt like superman with kryptonite surrounding me. I was at my weakest physically.

By 2016, I needed a break. During this break I gained a lot of weight that I thought I had said goodbye to, but I also figured out that I wanted to make healthier choices the right way. I wanted to be stronger and not only look good but feel good.

So, for the past two months I’ve been meeting with a personal trainer for two-three days every week.  To be honest, it’s kicking my butt (Shhhh…..dont tell my trainer cause I gotta look like I can handle whatever she throws at me lol). Though its only been two months, I feel stronger then I’ve ever felt. I’m far from my goal, but I’m working my way back the way that’s best for me and at the end of the day that’s all that matters to me.  I still look good though – Exhibits A & B below 🙂






I will reach my goals, so you could say this post is sort of a way to hold myself accountable (haha).


“For I can do everything through Christ who gives me strength” -Philippians 4:13 NLT



26 thoughts on “My Year of Being Skinny (And My Journey Back To Health)

  1. I like this post because it shows that just because you look a certain way on the outside, but the way you feel on the inside could differ. It also shows that a weight loss journey involves work with your inner self. I’m glad you are going it in a less restrictive way 😊

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  2. OH MY GOD, Becky! Love this. BTW, I’m also a Becky and a Beckster to friends and fam. Thanks for your honesty and for letting us in on your journey. You look wonderful–but it sounds like you feel even better. Keep up the good (hard) work!

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